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Powering sustainable future


Building future on green energy

We future proof buildings and plants by introducing eco-friendly and renewable energy solutions. From windfarms and solar power through energy efficient lighting, vehicle charging stations to tree planting.

Our team will help you to save the planet for the future generations, significantly reduce carbon footprint and energy bills.


Keep your operations going

Staying on top of scheduled inspections and repairs, helps to keep sites running smoothly with no downtime. 


Ensuring compliance

We always adhere to strict legal and health & safety regulations. When we undertake any projects or maintenance contracts, our team ensures that your site is always up to code to help you stay compliant.


The growing interest in renewable energy makes wind farms a popular and valuable opportunity for energy production. We specialise in:

  • Construction of roads and foundations
  • Building platforms for BESS and wind generators
  • Wind turbine installation works
  • Installation of electrical equipment

Scheduled Maintenance

To extend the life expectancy of wind turbines, preventative maintenance should be completed two or three times a year. All work is usually completed within 12 to 18 hours for each maintenance event. Generally, we only carry works on a few turbines in a facility to reduce downtime to a minimum. We also specialise in substation maintenance, which usually lasts for about 12 hours and occurs during low production periods.


We offer a wide range of wind turbine refurbishment services to meet every type of wind farm need. Our team covers mechanical and electrical aspects, painting and cleaning to give you complete peace of mind.

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Powering sustainable future


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